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Thursday, February 15, 2018

"You Made a Woman Meow?" (Guess that Quote and Win a Boat Part 3)

So I've been thinking about a quote or two to put on my blue suede shoe. A T-shirt will do too. Do you know what movie they're from?

Here's #1... Such fun! But I would be surprised, too. I bet this quote is not from Scooby Doo. Just click on the pic if you don't know. That'll do the trick.

Here's #2... A friendly, subtle guy. You know it's true. But if you don't, click on the pic and then it'll stick.

Here's #3. Oh my, who could it be? What movie is it from, you ask? Think hard for this one's quite a task.

That may have been too hard to handle, too hard to guess, so here is #4 knocking on your door. You may want to run if you care about your bun. No idea in spite of the fear? Just click on the pic. It'll do the trick.

Here's #5... Feeling alive? Good, just don't be too funny or it is bye bye bunny. What do I mean? Click on the pic and check out the scene.

Here's #6... Fed up with these flicks? What, you don't have time? Don't you like rhyme? Well, this one's gonna make you chuckle. Might need a buckle.

Here's #7... Not 11. Oh the joys of being in love., which beats eating a dove... unless love you happen to hate. Then it's too late. Time is of the essence. Could this be a 'heavy' coalescence?

Here's #8... You know it's worth the wait. Unless waiting you hate. You might be too late. Then you'll have to deal with your new friend Rick. He's a real Dick. Like that name trick? Know which flick this is as you're doing the flick trick biz? I almost sound like The Cat today. I'll have to buy him some breakfast at his Kitty Cat bay. Should be okay. Anyway... did you guess it right? Wanna grab a bite?

And finally.... here's #9, as sweet as fishy wine. Elisa knew it didn't work, enjoying her daily morning um... perk. And this quote is true too. I'm not kidding you. Cornflakes were made to say, "Shoo, masturbation, shoo!!"

Well, did you guess them all right? Is the movie buff in you alive and out of sight?

They may stuff the reboots twice, but let's be nice. Just so you know at the Blue Guy Show.

* * *